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UH OH. Are you sick?

5/10/2013 - By Marea Edynak



Yes, you feel terrible and you are away from home. You are frantic. What to do? Where to go?


You’ve planned for months to have a wonderful time in NYC and then something goes wrong.  It’s terrible but it happens from time to time. Your doctor is hundreds or thousands of miles away and you don’t want to spend all day or all night waiting for your turn in a hospital Emergency Room. You want help fast.  New York minute fast! What do you do?


Don’t worry. New York City has the best of everything and it’s available to you.


None of us likes to think about it, but just in case it is comforting to know that caring and compassionate professional help is available without a long wait at NY Walk-in Medical Group clinics.  


For the best No-Appointment-Needed urgent care in the City go to for locations and hours.  Just walk in. Waiting time is minimal and 17 top quality Board Certified medical doctors are available to help you. The clinics are conveniently located inside Duane Reade Pharmacies and many are open 7 days a week.


No matter where you are from north to South and East to West most neighborhoods have one near by.

Fees are reasonable and almost all major insurance plans are accepted and claims are submitted on your behalf.  If you don’t have insurance you can pay with most credit cards, cash or personal checks.


Tip for Travelers. Check your medical insurance before you leave home or consider buying travel insurance.  For more information about travel insurance protection including medical costs go to: 


*Important* If you can’t breathe, are having a heart attack or stroke, have a fever over 103,  are bleeding profusely or are vomiting blood  Immediately go to the Emergency Room or call 911 for an ambulance


*Disclaimer*. I am not a medical professional and this should not be considered medical advice.  Travelers often ask me what to do and I just like to help them get help.

The photo was taken at the walk in clinic inside the Duane Read Pharmacy at 34th Street and Lexington Avenue in Murray Hill.
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